ElsagDatamat spa

ElsagDatamat spa

ElsagDatamat spa - Italy

ElsagDatamat spa is the new business concern established to act as a centre of excellence for the design and production of systems, services and solutions in automation, security, transport, defence & space, information technology. Resulting from the integration of Elsag and Datamat in 2007, ElsagDatamat spa is a company in Finmeccanica group, one of the world's leading industrial conglomerates. The professional skills of 4,000 employees, technology, know-how, the capacity to operate in critical contexts, and an innovative approach demonstrated by constant investment in Research & Development, are just some of the distinctive features developed over more than a century in business. The ability to identify problems and design solutions, combined with skills and experience in mechanical and information technology put ElsagDatamat spa in the ideal position to develop new products and systems as it works to achieve its goal of Italian leadership and global recognition on reference markets.

The research and development activities play a fundamental part in maintaining our expertise in line with the state of the art. Within the context of national and European programmes, they enable us to compare with other international professionals and to acquire new skills, to the effect that we can bring a specialised, innovative offering to the market.

Since the end of the nineties, Datamat enforced its commitment in EU co-funded research, with a particular focus on enabling technologies (such as Grid, CWE) and ICT supported applications (environment, emergency management, space, etc.). ED operates with around 4,000 employees throughout various branches in Italy and abroad providing to our clients the best instruments for improving efficiency and enhancing the quality of service. The group that will participate the plugIT project is the Innovation and Advanced Applications Group of the Defence, Space and Environment Division.

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