High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart

High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart

High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart - Germany

The High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS) has been the first national supercomputing centre in Germany offering services to industry as well to academic users and is affiliated to the University of Stuttgart. One of the key aspects of this institute is the operation of the supercomputers owned by hww GmbH, a public-private partnership consortium comprising among others T-Systems and Porsche AG. Since March 2008 HLRS provides the computer centre for the Automotive Simulation Centre in Stuttgart, a joined initiative from industry and research with partners like Daimler, Porsche, Opel, Karman, Altair Engineering and others.

Beside their involvement in industrial projects by providing and operating the super computer centre, there are research and teaching on: (a) Services and consultancy for scientific and industrial users, (b)Teaching and training in distributed systems, software engineering and programming models, (c) Research in the area of supercomputer architectures, simulation software, software engineering and grid computing and (d) Cooperation with international partners from industry and research.

HLRS is very active in the domain of grid computing and has been the coordinator of the first European grid project DAMIEN. HLRS is currently active in several large initiatives in the domain of service oriented architectures in particular aiming at the realization of sustainable business oriented grid solutions. These projects include the integrated IST - projects Akogrimo, Cospaces and NextGrid. Furthermore HLRS is embedded in the national grid initiatives D-Grid in Germany and is coordinating the project of the engineering domain. Besides the research activities toward Next Generation Grids HLRS is using grid software for providing services in a national and international context, in particular through the DEISA and the HPC-Europa project.

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