Innovation Technology Group S.A.

Innovation Technology Group S.A.

Innovation Technology Group S.A. - Poland

Innovation Technology Group S.A. (ITG SA) is a service provider in the IT sector with a long-term experience and know-how in the area of complex implementation of enterprise-oriented IT systems. The company's core business lies in the implementation and integration of management-enhancing software as well as design and development of IT systems and related services. ITG SA is one of the largest and longest operating systems integrators in Lower Silesia (Dolny Slask). The ITG capital group consists of the following companies: Innovation Technology Group S.A. Computer Communication Systems Sp. z o.o. Microtech International Ltd. Sp. z o.

The company had been establishing its value as early as since 1991, initially under the name of CSSSA. In March 2007 the company changed the name to the present ITG SA, while undergoing a business model reconstruction. The change in strategy was a natural consequence of an evolution of the ITG's plans of future growth as it related to a switch from a strictly technological approach of a system integrator to the more advanced of an information integrator. As a result of the introduction of the new strategy ITG SA extended its service offer to include consulting and implementation services in the areas of business process modelling, design and implementation of Business Intelligence systems as well as management enhancing ERP-class (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Furthermore in 2006, in the form of acquisition of Microtech International Ltd., ITG SA broadened the range of its services in the areas of industrial automation and electronics. At present the company combines knowledge and experience from the IT solutions and automation sectors which allows it to present unique offer covering the areas of automation and electronics systems, IT infrastructure, ITsystems integration, decision process enhancing and business process optimisation.

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